Which, what, where, who?

It seems counter intuitive, but sometimes when I’m feeling truly, abjectly miserable about my body I go shopping.

Mostly, credit goes to the lovely ladies behind Viva la Femme, one of the best plus size clothing stores I’ve found in any country.

It’s tiny store front stuffed with lovely clothes and salespeople that actually help.  Every time I’ve been there, I’ve ended up trying something new on the recommendation of their staff.  Today, it was a lovely polka-dot wrap dress that I would never have picked off the shelf for myself.

It’s not just the clothes, though.  Some days, there is nothing there for me.  Other days, there is something beautiful that is just too expensive to justify on  my budget. Either way, trying new styles at VLF is always an adventure rather than an anxiety attack.  Since the staff can eyeball my size and hand me the corresponding clothes, when something doesn’t look good it’s not because it doesn’t fit.  Usually the cut is wrong,or the top doesn’t remotely cover my chest.  Whatever it is, I never feel like it’s because there is something wrong with me.

I live in a world where conflicting body image messages assault me from every corner.  It doesn’t matter some days whether it’s “obesity kills,” “healthy at any size,” or “fat acceptance.” Some days I want to get away from all of that for an hour.

Some days, I just want to feel pretty.


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