10 Cent Review – In Time

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No, Justin, hold out for a better script!

This could have been an amazing movie.  The premise is intriguing, it has something meaningful to say about allocation of resources, and it stars lots of beautiful people running around.

So much potential; such a horrendous waste.

First, they kill all the fun in the premise with some really nonsensical explanations (they’d have done better with “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey”).

Secondly, the script is so wooden that it sticks out a a clear anachronism in the glossy, digital world that recalls the creators’ previous and far better effort, Gattaca.

Third, female roles in this movie are pathetic.  There’s Justin Timberlake’s  hot but loving mom, Olivia Wilde, who dies while running into her son’s arms, spurring on his hatred of the establishment. Best buddy Johnny Galecki’s wife has about a minute of screen time, but makes it count.  Amanda Seyfried, as wooden as I’ve ever seen her (what happened to Lily Kane??) plays the rich girl who doesn’t know any better.  She has a hot mom and grandmother who are there as nothing more than scenery, but then her character doesn’t do much to justify her presence either.

Lastly, if everyone is supposedly stuck at 25, what is Cillian Murphy doing there?  Don’t get me wrong, he’s grown into an interestingly sexy, somewhat rugged, psudo-villain. But 25?  Yeah, right.

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Also, Cillian’s buddy there is one of maybe 3 non-white people in the entire movie.  Sigh.

Gattaca would have read this movie’s DNA and sent it in for some serious pre-natal tinkering before letting it see the light of day.

If time is money?  Don’t waste yours on this movie.


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