report card

It’s less than a week to my 30th birthday.

I’ve been giving my age as 30 in informal conversations for over a year (you say 29 and everyone assumes you are lying) so there’s no real shock or bump with this one.  Also, nearly every change I’ve made in the last five years has been for the better.  You could not pay me enough to go back to 25.

But there is a birthday, so I might as well do an annual report card.

Education:  B+

So much closer to where I want to be.  Not there yet, but a distinct light at the end of the tunnel.

Career:  B-

The good – No more retail!
The bad – The search for a full-time library job is ongoing and not looking up.
The ugly – I’m still working for surgeons with no management skills whatsoever.  At least they take me a bit more seriously these days.  I have embraced the power of ‘no.’

Finances:  C+

Mistakes of the past have been cleared from everything but my credit score.  Now if I could only figure out how to budget … ooh, sale on

Friends:  A+++

The absolute best.  It’s hard to regret any of my choices when they brought me to such awesome people.

Health:  B-

I have a gym membership and I’m working on building my stamina back up to a pre-injury, pre-depression level. It’s a battle, but I’m not completely outnumbered on this one.

Cooking:  C-

Pathetic, but getting a little better.  My new sous chef (read:boyfriend) is a tremendous motivator.

Habitat:  B

The dreaded ‘boxes of stuff’ have been vanquished and an electric piano now sits in their place. Total victory.

Baskets of dirty laundry waiting to be done – 2.
Baskets of clean laundry waiting to get put away – also 2.
Maybe the answer is giving away all of my clothes.

Love:  A+

Found, fallen, fantastic.

Current GPA:  B

There’s work to do, but I’m out of the hole.  Not a bad place to be at all.


One comment on “Milestones?

  1. Shelley says:

    I give you an A++ in personal growth. And cuteness. And also friends, because you’re right, yours are the best.

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