Welcome!  If you’ve found this page, you are probably at least a little bit interested in what I have to say about things, so here goes…

The Happy Realist Philosophy

Let’s get this out there first:

Sometimes this world of ours can be truly horrible.

I have traveled, lived, and worked in areas that have indelibly written the pain of human existence across my mind.  While I continue to work for the general betterment of society, I am no martyr, and do not pretend to be.  Beyond my general enjoyment of media, ice cream, and sushi, I just don’t have the temperament for it.

Mostly I look for happiness where I can find it and try to make my corner of the world a little better for the people living in it.  There is still  much in this world that brings me joy.  When I’m not working, I prefer to focus on that.

Or, as a wise man named Rufus once put it:

Be excellent to each other and party on dudes!



What you’ll find here: 

Mostly positive reviews of things

While there are many things I may not like about a book or movie, I’ve read and watched so much drivel for some of my jobs that I tend to gloss over the less egregious plot holes and narrative conveniences in favor of great characters or the bits that really surprise or get to me.  That said, if I really hate something, you’ll know.

I welcome critical (but not nasty) discussion in the comments.

Some discussion about body image and self-esteem

The American media has a skewed idea of women, their lives, and their emotions.  It’s never easy think about getting fit in a culture that seems to be telling me that I should just give up.  It’s also hard to manage depression and ADD in a world that tells me to sit still and have a nice day.

A little bit of life, the universe and everything

Some current social issues really get to me. Many of them are related to injustice and prejudice. I have very little tolerance for those who seek to denigrate any portion of the human race.  Occasionally I will post about this, however you won’t find much direct political discourse here; I save mine for the real world, where people have to meet my eyes if they’re going to scream obscenities at me.