How Yoga Changed My Life

Yoga_by_KnotYourWorldgorgeous image by KnotYourWorld

I’ve never liked exercise.  As a kid, sports were not my thing, as much because of the team aspect as the athletics required.  Running is out of the question (get back to me when they make a sports bra out of woven steel).  Biking is great but, unless you’re commuting or spinning, it takes a ton of time to get a real workout.  Swimming is lovely, and beautifully solitary, but it’s hard to really focus on your body when you  are trying  not to run into the other lap swimmers at the park district pool.

Enter yoga.

Yoga is all the good parts of exercise without the things that make me crazy.

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Scaredy Cat

I love my cat.  Phryne is discerning, suspicious, and haughty; everything one wishes for in a cat.  As she’s gotten older, she’s become slightly more cuddly, mostly with me.  While she has never liked getting picked up, she loves to nap with me, usually curling up on the most tender or sore portion of my body as she claims me for a resting place.

I love her dearly, but this week I have to answer the question, “How much?”

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