Amazing Adaptations! – Scents and Sensibility

Wow.  Just … wow.

Why did anyone think this was a good idea?

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Moaning on a Monday Morning

Dog Tired


New Years resolution to post 3-4 times/week officially busted.  Restarting resolution as of Jan 14.

The first two weeks of 2013 have been emotionally draining and I’d like nothing more than to curl up and go to sleep for a week.  However, there are new movies to mock, new issues to make me angry, and an ever-growing pile of books I want to read.

Today’s recommendations for wiling away the hours (but not procrastinating of course – that would be wrong):

Anything and everything by Bettie Sharp – fairy tales awesomely retold as erotic fiction.

Sharpe’s intriguing take on Cinderella is available for free on her website (Ember).  Her Cinder Girl is a clever witch and her Prince Charming leaves his subjects no choice but to love him.  A neat look at love, image, and compromise that also redeems the stepmother and stepsisters in a wholly original fashion.

My favorite is Cat’s Tale: A Fairy Tale Retold, but then I’ll always love the morally dubious heroine best.  Lady Catriona is an unabashed social climber who gets on a wizard’s bad side and winds up a cat for her troubles.  Although initially thrown by the transformation  she finds a strapping miller’s son and a great pair of boots and takes the kingdom by storm.  Hot, sweet, and full of human failings.  2 paws up!

New Section for a New Year – Amazing Adaptations!


Lest anyone get the idea that I’m going to be writing about only GOOD movies here:

Amazing (n.) – causing great wonder or surprise.

Synonyms: surprising, astonishing, blindsiding, dumbfounding, eye-opening, flabbergasting, jarring, jaw-dropping, jolting, shocking, startling, stunning, stupefying

–Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, 2013

So my plan is to amaze, to stupefy, to dumbfound you with the absolute wonder that is the American media.

Let’s hope we all survive…

First up:   Scents and Sensibility

Led Astray by the Smut Peddler

June is my book amnesty month.  For 30 days, I will try anyone’s recommendations, no matter how ridiculous they sound.  It would be easy to back out, but every year I find one or two things that make the whole exercise worthwhile.


Last June, at the urging of a librarian friend (the titular Smut Peddler), I picked up a few titles for a trip.  They were adventure novels with a touch of the supernatural and a LOT of sex.   They were full of smart, feisty women who couldn’t be controlled by the patriarchal hierarchy that raised them. To my great surprise, I loved them.

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